Unichem Ghana Limited launches food supplements

Unichem Ghana Limited launches food supplements

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company, Unichem Ghana Limited on Friday launched its natural supplement products onto the Ghanaian market to help in dietary management of obese patients.

According to Mr Jason M, Country Manager, 70 per cent of Ghanaians are obese, hence the initiative to introduce “slim smart” in Ghana, the first country in sub-Sahara Africa.

The product which was launched on the theme: “Lose weight now, ask me how,” was manufactured by Luex, a manufacturing company based in the US two years ago with no side effect.

Slim Smart is a natural supplement that contains Raspberry ketones, which comprises clinically proven fat burning capabilities, African mango extract that regulates energy and reduces bad cholesterol and Grapefruit that helps users feel full, leading to natural reduction in calorie intake, he said.

Slim Smart among others is a blend of micronutrients, herbs that are rich in enzymes, support energy enhancement, breaks down fat efficiently and boost metabolism.

Other natural ingredients include Green tea extracts that activates the body’s thermogenic fat burning activity, Resveratrol, which boosts the metabolic rate and curbs the appetite as well as Apple cider vinegar that aids digestion and actively suppresses body fat accumulation, he added.

Mr. Jason said continuous use of the slim smart enhanced lifestyle changes that promote weight loss in sedentary overweight obese adults.

“This strategy with healthy balance diet would yield optimal weight loss.”

Other products that were launched includes Ferrolex, VitaForce, Bonaplex Syrup, Neovita, Free Flex and Man-up advanced formula.

The products can be found in Parker, Vita, and Westpoint Pharmacy with the slim smart priced GHC81.00 and recommended for persons 18 years and above, however, pregnant women are exempted.