Healthcare Practitioners

Healthcare practitioners focus on what is best for the patient but often forget to take care of themselves. It is important to look after ourselves, not only because it will benefit our patients in setting an example of healthcare, but also for our own personal well-being.



Well-being is more than just keeping free from illness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is about recognizing that in addition to the physical dimension (body) of our persona, there are three other dimensions that need nurturing, namely the mental (mind), emotional (relationships) and spiritual (inner values and beliefs) dimension. In bearing a personal responsibility for our total well-being, this constitutes a deep rooted self-respect thus adding great meaning to our lives.

Values in Healthcare

Values in Healthcare comprises seven modules, each of which can help groups of healthcare professionals to explore values in depth, as they relate to their personal lives and professional practice: 1.Values 2.Peace 3.Positivity 4.Compassion 5.Co-operation 6.Spirituality in healthcare 7.Valuing yourself.